England head coach Eddie Jones is making his team of staff learn the Japanese language ahead of the Rugby World Cup, according to a report on ESPN.

The World Cup is just over one year away and Jones is eager to have his side fully prepared for the tournament.

David Rogers/Getty Images Sport

The backroom staff have been told to learn Japanese to break the language barrier when they are at the tournament and they have just returned from some time away to get to know one another.

All the staff members went away together on a trip as Jones looks to build a togetherness between the men who help him on a daily basis.

Jones said:

Everything we do now is about preparing for the World Cup. All of the staff had Japanese lessons last Tuesday. We’ve got another one in a couple of weeks.

The World Cup is about enjoying the tournament. The more you can enjoy the tournament, the more you can create a positive atmosphere.

It’s the staff’s responsibility to create a positive atmosphere because the players are going to be stressed. They’re going to find heat stress and cultural stress; it’s our job as staff to minimise that stress as much as possible.

The head coach is hoping that the staff and players can form a strong bond over the next year so that there is a unity within the squad in time for the World Cup.

England have four warm-up matches at home prior to the tournament, with one match against Italy set to be played at St James’ Park in Newcastle.