After one of the most unpredictable Six Nations championships drew to a close, rugby fans will not have to wait too long for more world class, exhilarating action with the Lions tour just 10 weeks away.

However, despite the tournament ending, there is still so much to discuss. Were France legal in their prop changes late into their game against Wales? What happened to Scotland against England? Will Italy’s ruck tactics become the norm across the world? How can Ireland find consistency?

All legitimate questions which can be answered at a future date but for now, let’s not focus on the negative points of what was seven weeks of free flowing, action filled rugby and think about the positives.

So many players performed well above expectations and some future stars emerged. The Six Nations was full of surprises and memorable moments and as such, I’ve handed out a few awards to those who deserve them most.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow