An Italian rugby player has tested positive for 11 banned substances, according to Eurosport.

Davids Vasta, 25, tested positive for a variety of drugs, including:

  • Testosterone
  • Boldenone metabolite
  • Drostanolone
  • Mesterolonum
  • Methandienone
  • Metasterone
  • Metildienolone
  • Stenbolone metabolite
  • Clomiphene metabolite
  • 19-Norethiocholanolone
  • 19-norandrosterone

The Italian back-row, who plies his trade for third division side Amatory Catania in Sicily, said he took the ‘cocktail’ over a year ago and didn’t think the drugs would remain in his body for such a long period of time.

He has apologised to his teammates and fans and said he was ‘shocked’ by the mistake he made.

Vasta is believed to have smashed the previous record for substances found in one drug test.

Most of the drugs were of an anabolic nature, so Vasta must have taken them in a bid to enhance his performance.

But the disgraced Italian also tested positive for a drug that’s purpose is to resize mammary glands, as one of the side-effects of the drug cocktail Vasta took is the growth of breasts.